Horseback Riding Nyc Central Park

Kensington Stables New York

Kensington Stables, 51 Caton Place, Brooklyn, NY, United States

+1 718-972-4588

10AM–4PM - Sat/Sun Closed

Our horses, ponies, and the barn have been featured in numerous photo shoots, videos, films, movies, music videos, magazines and more. Horse or space rental for special… Read more…

New York City Riding Academy

New York City Riding Academy, Ward's Island Bridge, New York, NY, United States

+1 212-860-2986

9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M

The New York City Riding Academy is pleased to invite you to participate in it’s two 2016 Horseback Riding Programs; (1) Horseback Riding Lessons; and Summer Horseback… Read more…