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NYC Oncology and Hematology on the Upper East Side – Adding the Human Touch to Cancer Treatment

Oncologists Lynn H. Rather, Dialectic Voudouris and Paul AC. Greenberg practice both the scientific as well as the human side of cancer treatment. They know how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be, some of them from first-hand experience.

It is not enough to use the latest and most effective cancer treatments. Something more is needed. Truly concerned physicians who are careful of your emotions as we!as your treatment. A staff of nurses and technologists who recognize the stress that comes with this disease and try to ease the pressure. And a billing staff that can lift some of the burdens of reporting and record keeping.

Our oncologists stay up-to-date on the latest methods for treatment of everything from breast cancer to neuroendocrine tumor disease. Our practice even participates in some of the experimental cancer treatments currently being tested and our physicians regularly teach and publish on such topics as breast cancer, lung cancer, colo-rectal cancer, ovarian, liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer. Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and carcinoid tumors. Our nurses regularly attend courses to stay current with the highest levels of chemotherapy care.

All three oncologists are affiliated with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mount Shai Hospital and Lenoir Hill Hospital in New York City. You can learn more about each of the oncologists as well as the rest of our staff by visiting the ‘our Doctors’ page.

Choosing a cancer physician is a difficult process. There are many new ideas to process and much to learn in order to make sound decisions. With this website, we hope to help you start your search for answers and knowledge. Once you have looked at the information we offer, please contact our office and chemotherapy center for an appointment. We are conveniently located on the Upper East Side of New York City, and we will be happy to discuss your condition and your treatment options in full. Then, together we can make the right choices for you.

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