Animal Farm Petting Zoo & Family Park New York City

  • Animal Farm Petting Zoo, 296 Wading River Rd, Manorville, NY, United States
  • +1 631-878-1785
  • 10 AM - 5 PM

10 acres & hundreds of animals to pet, feed, snuggle & cuddle

Our park is open to the public as the Animal Farm Petting Zoo. This unique and original Long Island Petting Zoo, has been servicing the community since 1981, providing care and shelter for homeless and unwanted animals- farm animals, birds, reptiles and exotics.

It’s a special place for children and adults to interact up-close with all the animals. The park is a delightful country escape for the whole family to spend a couple of hours or more getting back to nature. There’s lots of shade trees, beautiful colorful gardens, green grass and open spaces for a relaxing stroll through the park in a clean and safe environment.

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26 Reviews

  1. Deborah Jersey
    Deborah Jersey
    17 Dec 2021

    A fun family day. Many animals to see, all well cared for. Fun feeding the animals and bottles to the pigs. Two playgrounds, sitting areas throughout, snack bar (cash only), train ride and a friendly staff. Also has a small gift shop.

  2. Leidy Morales
    Leidy Morales
    17 Dec 2021

    This is a fun little place to take the little ones, it has a good amount of animals to see and interact with, picnic tables, playgrounds. There are plenty of things to do. Make sure you bring cash for the safari train and coins for the kiddie rides.

  3. Jessica
    17 Dec 2021

    Was such a cute place to bring kids!! My daughter loved being able to pet and feed the animals. She had such a fun time here!!

  4. Ivan Nunez
    Ivan Nunez
    17 Dec 2021

    The boys (12 & 11) loved it. I recommend buying a bucket of feed for each kid. Feeding the animals was best. Started with the goats. Don’t let the big ones push the little guys away, and be careful with your paper maps as you waive them around, a goat will sneak behind you and take it for lunch. More fun feeding the ducks. Take a hand full with an open hand. Ducks will tickle your your hands while they eat. More fun is feeding the geese. Their bills tickle more. Don’t feed the turkeys. They can hurt. Overall…great day.

  5. Sanic Powers
    Sanic Powers
    17 Dec 2021

    Not too sure about the Rescue part of this. The animals seem frustrated to be there. One of the pig’s ear was bleeding and I was told that it was already looked at. Maybe they shouldn’t be houses together or maybe need more space?? I felt bad for the birds in the back part of the zoo. The cages were so small. It looks more like a prison….they also had a “nursery” where the kids literally scooped and passed around baby ducklings, guinea pigs, and chicks for pictures. It rubbed me the wrong way as all the animals were huddled to the side trying to escape grabbing hands. I honestly wish I hadn’t given this place my money….

  6. nikojames49
    17 Dec 2021

    Highly worth visiting. A great place to bring your family and loved ones. Definitely recommend getting the bucket of animal feed. It is a great experience getting to go inside the baby goat pen and feeding them. Have a wide variety of animals.

  7. Lu J.
    Lu J.
    17 Dec 2021

    Staff are very friendly, especially the lady at pony ride and the gentleman at snack bar. I don’t remember any wild animal there besides a few peacock and emu. It doesn’t matter for young kids. They are excited to be close to farm animal and touch and feed them.

  8. Equasia Yard
    Equasia Yard
    17 Dec 2021

    This place was great for kids. I do think the prices are a bit high as it only takes 1 1/2 to complete. Also, my 6 year old granddaughter couldn’t get on pony ride very disappointing.

  9. Desiree Fielitz
    Desiree Fielitz
    17 Dec 2021

    We love this place! We checked it out once everything started opening back up from
    COVID. They have so much to do and see. The staff is all helpful and nice! The pricing is not bad compared to the other animal farm out there! $3.00 pony rides, train rides, little fire truck rides. Bottle feeding pigs, goats, and sheep! Baby bunnies, ducks, chicks, hamsters! They also adopt them out. They really care about the animals and the people who come see them! Only thing that can be improved is the way you feed the animals the chain link fencing makes it hard even pouring the feed in the tubs is difficult! They also have a puppet show, old mechanical rides you out quartets in.. snack bar…. a playgrounds!

  10. Andrew Cogan
    Andrew Cogan
    17 Dec 2021

    Good place to hang out if you have young kids. Family of four including a baby, a decent sized bucket of food and a bottle of milk came to $55. I’d buy more milk next time because our 3 year old had a total blast feeding the piglets! Enough walking to stretch little legs and many animals to see.

    Some information on the animals, they had a couple of exotics, which would have been nice to read out to kids, instead of ‘let me google that’

    By and large the animals seemed decently well kept. Some of the primates looked sad and under-stimulated, but that’s just a layman’s quick visit.

    Overall we were there for about 3 hours, probably on the slightly high side of average but not much so.

  11. Destree Parks
    Destree Parks
    17 Dec 2021

    Took my 8 month old here today, was loads of fun & such a great learning experience for my little one! The cockatiel in the front greeted me saying “hi baby” , we got such a kick out of it! The baby rabbits and guinea pigs in the nursery were extremely friendly and are also (ADOPTABLE)! One just wouldn’t stop licking and loved being pet which is very unusual with guinea pigs! One of the staff named Rebecca that was watching the nursery offered that my little one ride on the pony too with me on one side and his dad on the other!! Before we left we did the train ride which was super cute! We also of course had to say bye to our little cockatiel friend who said “I love you” as we left!

  12. Aimee Dakin
    Aimee Dakin
    17 Dec 2021

    I bring my 2.5-year-old daughter here all the time during the week and on weekends her father and I bring her. We have been doing this since she was born and will continue to as long as we can. We absolutely love this place. It can get a little pricey but you’re allowed to bring in whatever you want to pack up a nice little picnic for the whole family and eat at one of the many picnic tables. Lots to do. Feed and interact with the animals. Hold and pet baby animals in the Baby Barn. Train and pony rides. Different age playsets/sandboxes and plenty more.

  13. Tsering Gurung
    Tsering Gurung
    17 Dec 2021

    If you are an animal lover, go here! The fee is I think 15 per person for adults less for kids. Bring your children here and enjoy petting the animals. I had such a blast. the best part was feeding the donkeys haha. It’s quite big so it’s worth your money. Must go’!!’

  14. Kayin Cline
    Kayin Cline
    17 Dec 2021

    I love it so much, the goats made me cry tears of joy! The baby donkey was my absolute favorite and the playground was awesome for the kids, they had so much fun! This duck (I think) looked beautiful! He had the face crest of a pheasant but the body of a duck and the strut of a peacock, speaking of the peacock was beautiful too. Emus are always cool and the alpacas don’t sit and let you pet it with a little feed! Speaking of feeding, bottle feeding the goats is truly something I will never forget :). In conclusion, when you are in town here you need to go! Just go you won’t regret it!

  15. Deha Çaman
    Deha Çaman
    17 Dec 2021

    Happy to been there. My 5 year old son loved it. 3$ for small milk, 5$ for food basket if you want to give food to animals. Entry fee is not too much and includes short pony ride and puppet show.

  16. Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez
    17 Dec 2021

    Bought my almost 2 year old son here he loved feeding the animals

  17. Shervon M. Small
    Shervon M. Small
    17 Dec 2021

    This is a great place to visit with young children. There are lots of excited animals to feed and pet, and options for a pony and trolley ride. Small enough to be enjoyed in a few relaxed hours – not overwhelming. Friendly staff too.

  18. Stephanie Sandoval
    Stephanie Sandoval
    17 Dec 2021

    I love love this place!! My kids and my husband and I had such a great time! I loved how they had sinks thru out the farm to wash your hands that was a huge plus for me

  19. Tammy Auletto
    Tammy Auletto
    17 Dec 2021

    My Children loved it there ….the only issue was the organization when u first walk in other then that family Day was a success 😁

  20. Giovanna Bettencourt
    Giovanna Bettencourt
    17 Dec 2021

    We brought our two year old, perfect for toddlers, they touch and feed the animals. WARNING: there is a row of coin rides so bring quarters! All kids need to go on these. I dont know why they are there but the kids have a buring need to ride them when they see them and I had no quarters. Admission is under $15 for adults and around $12 for kids. A milk bottle for the baby animals is $3, feed bucket is $8, you can keep the bucket and we fed tons of animals with it. FREE pony ride for babes under 48 inches or 60ish lbs. We will be going back again soon!

  21. John Stalzer
    John Stalzer
    17 Dec 2021

    Had a great time. Get there early while the animals are hungry

  22. Philip Traversa
    Philip Traversa
    17 Dec 2021

    Small zoo but you are up close with the animals. My daughter liked the nursery where she was able to hold a bunny rabbit. The playgrounds were also fun for her. The only downside is the overall price as we paid $52 for 2 adults, 1 toddler, and a milk and pellet feed.

  23. Kristina H
    Kristina H
    17 Dec 2021

    We had a great time at the farm today! We hadn’t been in years and we decided to go today. My kids ages 6, 9, and 13 had a blast. The nursery was my everyone’s favorite activity. The workers made sure that the animals were being treated as gentle as possible. They often switched the little ones to give them a break. We had such a great time that we decided to buy a seasonal pass. Can’t wait to go back soon!

  24. Rajinder Kumar
    Rajinder Kumar
    17 Dec 2021

    Awesome place. Awesome for kids. Free pony rides. Train arise across the area to se al animals. Small animals. Fun place for kids

  25. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo
    17 Dec 2021

    Really enjoyed our visit today. Our kids almost 2 and 4 loved it. Animals are very interactive and the baby animals they loved holding and petting them. Staff extremely friendly. Would highly recommend!!

  26. Valeria Donoghue
    Valeria Donoghue
    17 Dec 2021

    Very clean place, animals are well taken care of and kids have a blast when they go. Definitely the best petting zoo I’ve been to in LI