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Ben Driving School

About Us

Ben Driving School has been assisting students in passing their driving tests and obtaining licenses on their first attempt for 40 years. Located in Philadelphia, the school offers a comfortable learning experience by picking students up for their lessons. With certified and professional instructors fluent in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish, students will feel supported and like part of a family. Ben Driving School guarantees that you will obtain your license on the first attempt.

Key Features

  • Fully Licensed
  • Online Tracking
  • Affordable Fees
  • Best Trainers


One Hour Driving Session

Starting at $55 per hour
This course provides essential driving instruction for a one-hour session. Students will receive guidance on passing the exam, with the option to add additional hours as needed.

Beginner Course

1 Hour Driving Session Starting at $70
Includes car rental with a brief overview of signals, traffic rules, and the option to use the car for your test.

Test-Ready Car Rental

Starting at $120
For students ready to take their test but lacking a car, this option includes a 45-minute car rental available Monday through Saturday. Conveniently located near Levick PennDot, the service is also available for any PennDot location.

1-Hour Driving and Testing Car Rental

Starting at $150
This package includes one hour of on-the-road practice and a car rental for your test. Students will practice signals, braking, and parallel parking just before their test.

Why Choose Us

Defensive Driving School

With 40 years of experience in driver education, Ben Driving School guides you to secure your license on the first attempt. The school equips you with all the necessary information to pass the exam successfully.

Defensive Driving Skills

  • Sustaining concentration on the road and adjusting to dynamic conditions
  • Observing and adhering to right-of-way regulations
  • Monitoring and controlling vehicle speed appropriately
  • Assessing the safety of overtaking another vehicle
  • Coexisting with cyclists and pedestrians on the road
  • Preserving a safe following distance, especially in diverse weather conditions
  • Promptly responding to unexpected roadway emergencies

Our Cars

Expert Driving Experience and Quality Cars for Learning

  • Nissan Sentra 2021
  • Toyota Yaris 2020
  • Nissan Versa 2020
  • Toyota Yaris 2018

Contact Us

1206 Unruh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111, United States


  • Thursday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Friday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Monday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am–6 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am–6 pm


+1 267-205-0422


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