Fort Tryon Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in New York

  • Fort Tryon Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, West 190th Street, New York, NY, USA
  • +1 212-543-6400
  • Open 24 hours

Fort Tryon Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Located in New York, Fort Tryon Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is a well-established facility offering comprehensive healthcare services. Here’s an overview of their services, facilities, and more based on the information available from their website.

About Fort Tryon Center

Fort Tryon Center prides itself on providing high-quality, compassionate care to its residents. The center focuses on rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, aiming to improve the quality of life for each individual under their care.

Services Offered

  1. Skilled Nursing Care:
    • They offer 24/7 skilled nursing care by licensed professionals.
    • Care plans are personalized to meet the specific needs of each resident.
  2. Rehabilitation Services:
    • Comprehensive rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
    • Rehabilitation programs are designed to facilitate recovery and enhance mobility.
  3. Long-Term Care:
    • Long-term care services cater to residents who require ongoing assistance with daily activities.
    • They focus on maintaining comfort, dignity, and quality of life.
  4. Memory Care:
    • Specialized care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
    • Programs aim to enhance cognitive function and ensure safety.
  5. Palliative and Hospice Care:
    • Palliative care focuses on pain management and symptom relief.
    • Hospice care provides compassionate end-of-life care and support.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Comfortable Accommodations:
    • Private and semi-private rooms designed for comfort and accessibility.
    • Pleasant living spaces to promote relaxation and well-being.
  • Dining Services:
    • Nutritious meals and dietary accommodations tailored to individual needs.
    • Dining experience designed to be enjoyable and social.
  • Recreational Activities:
    • Recreational programs and activities to promote socialization and engagement.
    • Activities may include games, arts and crafts, and outings.
  • Medical Services:
    • On-site medical services including physician visits and medication management.
    • Access to specialized medical equipment and resources.

Additional Information

  • Location:
    • Situated in a convenient location in New York, providing access to local amenities and medical facilities.
  • Staffing:
    • Dedicated team of healthcare professionals including nurses, therapists, and support staff.
    • Emphasis on compassionate care and individualized attention.
  • Admissions:
    • Information on admission procedures and requirements available on their website.
    • Assistance provided throughout the admission process.

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