Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds – Staten Island New York City

  • Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds - Staten Island, Manor Road, Staten Island, NY, USA
  • http://www.camphkc.org
  • 845-735-2718

Since its establishment in 1953, the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds has striven to be the foremost location for Jewish day camping in the metropolitan New York region. We do this by managing, maintaining and operating more than 500 acres spread across three camp sites and through offering special programs to the summer camps operated by JCCs and YM-YWHAs throughout New York City, Long Island and Rockland and Westchester Counties.

With 16 different camps operating simultaneously at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, we are truly a day camping community. Each of our three locations (Long Island, Rockland County, Staten Island) represents a smaller community of camps, sharing resources, working together, and serving thousands of families in the metropolitan New York region.

Whether it’s the finely choreographed drop-off/pick-up of campers, the carefully constructed pool schedule or the sharing of spaces and vendors, the camps work off one another to present amazing camp experiences for their camper families


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