Preferred Dental Care (Chelsea, NY)

The Preferred Dental Care team is committed to making each of your dental visits exceptional. We regularly attend continuing education courses, so we can provide you with state-of-the-art dental treatments and technology. Whether you prefer teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or other cosmetic dental procedures, or you need general and restorative care, such as white fillings and dental crowns, periodontal therapy, or dental implants, our team possess the dentistry skills and experience to serve you and your smile well for years to come.

Dentistry in the Heart of NYC

Conveniently located in the Chelsea area, on 135 W. 27th St., New York, NY, 10001 in Manhattan, Preferred Dental Care is the dental clinic of choice for patients in the Manhattan New York areas. With aesthetic restorative dentistry, a sincere respect for your time, and personalized, professional service, our team will give you more than one reason to share your smile. Call us today at (212) 594-7171, and ask about our New Patient Special.

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90 Reviews

  1. Jennifer Casey
    Jennifer Casey
    16 Dec 2021

    I recently chipped a tooth in my denture. I was offered a next day Saturday appointment. I was in the office less than an hour with perfectly repaired dentures. The Dr and staff are extremely friendly and professional. They provide much more than denture repair. Definitely an excellent choice for dental care!

  2. Linda MYOB
    Linda MYOB
    16 Dec 2021

    I have been a patient here for 10 years. Such professional service from the front desk to my favorite dentist Dr. Kamdar. and my favorite dental hygienist Ms. Schneider. I will never leave them The best care ever.

  3. Cesar Bisono
    Cesar Bisono
    16 Dec 2021

    I always recommend Dr. Kamdar and Preferred Dental Care! They always take good care of me and always look for the best possible treatments! NO BANDAIDS!!! If your looking for a place that actually cares about your well being by taking the time to explain and educate you on your overall oral health, you MUST go to Preferred Dental Care! Staff is Awesome! Thank you for helping me!!!

  4. Stacey Channer
    Stacey Channer
    16 Dec 2021

    Super grateful for the team here and the best part is they truly love what they do.I am in still in awe with my most recent work. Talk about attention to detail! A big thanks to my doctors and their assistants who take special care of me…and my smile!

  5. Michael Charles
    Michael Charles
    16 Dec 2021

    Dr. Patel is the most amazing dentist in the world!!!! She literally has Houdini hands; it’s magic!! You feel absolutely nothing…needles, drills whatever there is no pain. All you’ll feel is the care and concern that a great dentist has for you and your well being. I’m spoiled!!! She’s just one giant ball of amazing-ness.

  6. Núria Rosàs
    Núria Rosàs
    16 Dec 2021

    Amazing professionals and great customer service. Called in with an emergency and immediately got an appointment scheduled. The doctor worked with my OBGYN to ensure I got the appropriate treatment bc I’m pregnant. Highly recommend the practice.

  7. Laura Deponte
    Laura Deponte
    16 Dec 2021

    After a long search I found Preferred Dental in 2018. Lucky me!
    Great dental team here, though more like a family that cares about you. Professional, highly skilled, friendly and caring staff on every level. They make sure you have the dental care you need and do a great job of ensuring your comfort while receiving procedures.
    Meticulously clean office always, along with detailed attention to all necessary precautions with the covid situation.
    Highly recommend them!

  8. Christian Victoria Allen
    Christian Victoria Allen
    16 Dec 2021

    The receptionist was very nice.

    *If you are using the Care Credit Card make sure you have the physical card*

    I haven’t had carried that card in a few years other offices have taken the app or my SS#. Just be aware!

  9. Amanda Miranda
    Amanda Miranda
    16 Dec 2021

    I literally hate the dentist but love Preferred Dental Care!! Absolutely love LOVE my hygienist Lin. She is amazing; not only professional and great at her job, but she genuinely cares about her patients and their comfort in the dreaded chair. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME LIN!! Also, love Nora who always takes my xrays and makes everything go by smooth. Overall, great service at Preferred Dental Care now and always.

    Update: Had to come back after this visit for two fillings. Dr. Leonida worked with me and I was a wreck. She was so kind and patient. Thank you Dr!!!

    Update: Just came back for my 6 month cleaning. Stephanie, the dental assistant was quite the delight and once again I am happy with my service here. PDC never fails 🙂

  10. Nabeel Minhas
    Nabeel Minhas
    16 Dec 2021

    I usually have a lot of stress and anxiety about going to the dentist and try to avoid it at all costs. But this was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had.

    Right from the beginning the lady at the front desk gave me a warm welcome and greeted me with a big smile. I then went for my appointment and had the smoothest and painless dental cleaning I’ve ever had. The dental hygienist really did a great job making me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Finally I worked with Dr Bajwa who was very kind and extremely professional. She was very gentle and did a fantastic job.

    Overall it was an excellent experience and helped me get over my anxiety about going to the dentist. The office itself is very clean and looks brand new. The entire staff takes extra precautions with wearing masks and keeping safe due to covid. I highly recommend Preferred Dental Care to everyone for all of your dental needs!

  11. Tim Bright
    Tim Bright
    16 Dec 2021

    I got a recall cleaning done, i have not been to the dentist in about five years. I saw Lin the hygienist and she was did a great job and was very informative with the few questions i had. I then saw Dr. H for my recall and she did awesome job showing my the cavities that need fillings. Lastly met with treatment coordinator Meaghan and she was very organized in presenting my treatment plan. Way more organized than any other dentist office i have been to. Will for sure have them handle all of my tteatments from now on.

  12. Diyana Tayob
    Diyana Tayob
    16 Dec 2021

    Visiting the dentist is usually accompanied by some sort of anxiety. PDC is one of the better dental experience I encountered. thank you to Carol, Jelissa, Dr Bajwa and Karla for your patience, professionalism and service par excellence. Entirely satisfied deserves a 5star rating!

  13. Russ Zoellner
    Russ Zoellner
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care has an amazing team of professionals. They always make me feel at home when I visit, and truly care about their patients. Their response to COVID has been phenomenal, including temperature scans, health questionnaires, extensive cleaning protocols, and staff wearing masks/face shields. Their office is modern, clean, and bright, and I couldn’t be happier to be their patient! Best dental team in NYC!

  14. John Swedenburg
    John Swedenburg
    16 Dec 2021

    After not being able to get an appointment for another week with my old dentist, and having serious pain in one tooth, I called Preferred Dental Care. They were able to get me in right away to begin care. The place was clean, friendly, and professional. The doctors conferred with me transparently about my condition and options. I would truly recommend Preferred Dental Care!!

  15. Damon Zwirn
    Damon Zwirn
    16 Dec 2021

    I am a new patient and just had my first appointment. The doctor and his whole staff were amazing. Friendly, helpful, and patient. Everything was explained with ease. Lee was a great hygienist too. Amazing overall experience and would def recommend it.

  16. Jawainn Bond
    Jawainn Bond
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care is a wonderful establishment!!! From the beginning to the end, everybody shows professionalism, leadership, dedication,, personality, etc. They actual care about your well being and making sure your able to pay with options if you don’t have the money upfront. I will be going back again. Thank you Team for your work and providing me with knowledge!!!!

  17. Donald Fontana
    Donald Fontana
    16 Dec 2021

    I’m a newbie at Preferred Dental Care. Doctors and staff were very courteous and on point. The office is very roomy with great colors and wonderful music selection it’s very relaxing and inviting it was an overall good experience I definitely recommend Preferred Dental. Now go get your toothbrush

  18. Jonathan Metivier
    Jonathan Metivier
    16 Dec 2021

    Everyone was fantastic. The dentists and staff were very professional, supportive, and informative during my entire process. 10/10 would recommend setting up your dental journey with Preferred Dental Care.

  19. Kareen Jeanty
    Kareen Jeanty
    16 Dec 2021

    I’ve been going to Preferred Dental Care in Chelsea since 2015, and I’ve never had a bad experience. The dentists, dental assistants/hygienists and oral surgeons are always so kind. The front desk receptionist is so accommodating, and Carol, who handles payments is hilarious! I had the most painless wisdom tooth extraction today and they had me out within the hour. I’m a bit uneasy when it comes to needles, etc. but the overall vibe of the staff who worked on me today was so cool. If you’re in the Chelsea area or an FIT student, please visit!

  20. Vicente Saraco
    Vicente Saraco
    16 Dec 2021


    Here is an updated review based on my current visit this September, 2021.

    I am so grateful for Preferred Dental. As previously shared, I moved to Florida from NYC. It was almost 3 years ago and I have twiced returned to the Chelsea office to see Dr. Kamdar and the hygenist, Irene. Dr. Kamdar created a bridge and I trust only his hands on it. (I have opted for temporary cement due to allergies, etc.) He is competent, honest and friendly. Irene is gentle and thorough. Dr. H, who has also done work in previous years, is also very good. The staff are welcoming and very supportive.

    Thank you Junior and Jelissa for accommodating my hectic travel schedule this last around.

    If you seek to allay your fears about visiting a dentist, I strongly recommend Preferred Dental. They will take care of you!

    My husband and I just relocated to Florida from NYC. We were saddened to leave the team at Preferred Dental Care. Their compassion and professionalism were evident with each of our visits. And trust me, we had numerous visits since we both had ongoing dental issues. Dr. Kamdar created a 6 unit bridge for me; he did crowns on my husband. Dr. H. did crown work and cavities; Irene cleaned our teeth and we both had other specialists that addressed root canals, implants, etc. Suffice to say we entrusted our dental needs to this office and were pleased with their competence and care. And yes, the office is super clean which alleviated much of my anxiety!

    I also need to acknowledge the administrative staff with their ongoing support. Neither my husband nor I had dental insurance and with the amount of work we had done, we appreciated their compassion with payment arrangements, etc. Junior and his wife Jelissa were wonderful! And there were others who made accommodations as well.

    I have to begin praying that we will find the level of professionalism and compassion we experienced at Preferred Dental down here in South Florida. Having had traumatic experiences in the past, I know quality care. Preferred Dental is a gold nugget. They need to be listed as one of the top dental offices in NYC.

    Lastly, I encourage you to give them a try. Don’t be influenced by the negative reviews, especially if issues can be easily remedied. I was once told that I had a balance as well and a quick computer check showed that it was an error. It took seconds to resolve.

    Arlene Esperanza & Vicente Saraco

    PS Since I have yet to commit to a dental office in South Florida, I opted to fly back to NYC for 2 days in September 2019. Upon arriving at LaGuardia, I took the trains directly to Preferred Dental to see Dr. Kamdar who recemented my bridge. (I have opted for the temporary cement since the bonding material agrees with me. I have allergies and sensitivities.)

    As usual, Dr. Kamdar took care of me. He and his staff were wonderful. It was like being “home” again.

    The following day, I visited the dental office early to have a cleaning with Irene. When finished, I went to the airport to fly back to South Florida.

    Would I do this vigorous 2 day trip again from South Florida to NYC to get my dental work done at Preferred Dental? Absolutely!!! I trust them completely. They’re professional, warm and super caring. They allay my fears and anxieties which most of us have while visiting dentists.

    I encourage you to try them this new year.

    Arlene Esperanza Saraco

  21. Anna Schumate
    Anna Schumate
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care has given me the best dental care I have ever experienced. From thorough cleaning and exams by top notch dentists and technicians to friendly, efficient staff, this place deserves an excellent review!

  22. Gerald Okoye
    Gerald Okoye
    16 Dec 2021

    The dentist are very kind.
    Organized service and very clean office.
    I highly recommend

  23. Alicia Jones
    Alicia Jones
    16 Dec 2021

    I normally don’t write reviews but I didn’t like how one of the dental hygienist spoke to me (very rude) after I had asked how much longer do I have to wait to see the doctor and made me wait for almost 2 hours
    No one came to me to tell that they’re running late

  24. MrLeonD
    16 Dec 2021

    Irene (Hygienist) and Dr. Hourizadeh (Dr. H.) are the absolute best. Thorough and clear in what they are doing while I sit petrified with my head back and teeth bare. Very thankful for them from an always nervous dental patient.

  25. Ev Andujar
    Ev Andujar
    16 Dec 2021

    Dr. Bajwa
    AMAZING ! ! !
    So caring. So understanding. So Patient. So Professional.
    I walked in to my two hour appt with such high anxiety and so very nervous. She truly and caringly calmed me down. She kept asking me if I was ok during the procedure. She did a FANTASTIC job. she did it under the two hours and I walked out with such a BEAUTIFUL SMILE.
    Thank you Dr. Bajwa.

  26. n s
    n s
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care has the best staff who care very much for the comfort of their clients. We are very lucky to have them in Chelsea, Manhattan with the best dentist Dr. Rajesh Kamdar DDS and his helpful team of specialists, dentists and office staff. The best staff who care for patients healthy teeth and gums, for lifetime help to live longer. They go above and beyond and highly recommend them.

  27. Austin J. Bartsch
    Austin J. Bartsch
    16 Dec 2021

    For years, there were small details about my smile that I just didn’t like, and other dentist offices were just not welcoming.

    When stepping into Preferred Dental on 27th St in NYC, i immediately was welcomed and felt at ease. Every visit, my treatment was explained ahead of time so there were no surprises and agyer every visit, I was explained any additional care that was needed.

    AND I even received phone calls the next day or two to make sure I was OK.

    All this to say, if there were ever a dentist I would recommend, it’s Preferred Dental.

  28. Jelissa Bisono
    Jelissa Bisono
    16 Dec 2021

    This office is amazing it has all you will need under one roof. The staff is extremely friendly and very accommodating. I have had a few services throughout the years and can not complain. I had extractions, fillings and every scary root canals that aren’t so scary any more. I have recommended all my friends and now I recommend you. Thank you Preferred Dental for an outstanding service.

  29. Ivelisse Gonzalez
    Ivelisse Gonzalez
    16 Dec 2021

    I always have great experiences when I visit Preferred Dental Care. The staff really cares and make sure your teeth are well taken care off. The dental hygienist works very well with the dentist. Great team, beginning with the receptionist who make every effort to work with my busy schedule. I get excellent quality care when it comes to my teeth.

  30. Cinnamon Chambers
    Cinnamon Chambers
    16 Dec 2021

    My experiences over the years have been mostly good with this office. I’ve been with Preffered Dental since about 2008 or 2009 if I am not mistaken. My entire family use the services. My husband, son and daughter all like the experiences they have had as well.

    In the beginning, my dental plans were simple. Cleanings, a few fillings here and there and perhaps I may have had some deep gum cleanings here and there…

    Late last year I was convinced to get invisilgn and it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience with the orthodontist. He was cold and ultimately did not respond to my initial complaints about my sets not fitting. He jammed them on, cut a hanging piece that would not fit and filed down multiple areas of friction. I thought to myself, after telling him several time, why is this so difficult?

    It was not until several months later when his father met with me that he determined the sets DO NOT FIT properly and he ordered new ones. That was almost 6 or so months waisted! The new ones were ordered and fit fine. No cutting, shaving or jamming in! 🙄

    My next “issue” would be regarding my implant situation but I’m not going to bother because it was seemingly beyond the control of the office how things panned out. I’ll just say that I’m lucky that I can afford my treatments, outside of issuance or I’d yet again be stuck in a LONGGGER treatment period than required!

    One last thing I would note is that after all these years, I’m still not clear on why the invoicing is not up to date. It’s always an issue with delay or printing or updates or something and I don’t seem to get a system generated detail of my treatments. It’s typically written out, and while I love this office and the people, it can seem slightly shady! 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Anyway, this is my honest review. I’ll still continue to go to this dentist because I trust their work and to me, it’s hard to find a dentist you can trust with your smile!

  31. katy elizabeth
    katy elizabeth
    16 Dec 2021

    This was my first time having been to the dentist in (admittedly) far too long. The staff at Preferred Dental Care were amazing. From the reception, to the dentist and hygienist, and the women in finance, everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease being there. I’ll absolutely recommend them to others!

  32. Martha Sanchez
    Martha Sanchez
    16 Dec 2021

    Very thankful to Jelissa and her staff for a great experience. From the beginning Jelissa showed that she cared. I sent her a text on Sunday in the evening and she replied back, telling that I could have gone in on Monday morning, due to work I was not able to. She got me an appointment for Tuesday; I usually get very nervous when it comes to doing any type of dental work. Doctor Choe was very attentive and when least expected we were done, very professional. I want to thank her assistant Delecia, she was an angel, so caring that it made me feel super relaxed and that God was there. She asked me every so often how I was feeling, I really felt the care. If you need a general dentis Dr. Kamdar is a sweet heart, gotta love him, totally recommend him, he is the Best. When doing a cleaning I recommend Lin, she is great. I always recommend all of my family and Friends to visit Preferred Dental Care.

  33. Elisa Lou
    Elisa Lou
    16 Dec 2021

    It’s a factory here. They’re efficient and on time, and have lots of appointment times available. They are following good covid procedures, including not using water to clean your mouth. This is fine but makes the routine checkup a bit more painful than normal.

    For first time appointment you will be asked to take a lot of xrays. This was the most xrays I’ve ever taken at once in my life. I’m very surprised they asked for so many. They warned that it is not covered by my insurance 30 seconds before starting and would cost 200 out of pocket. Afterwards though, it seems like I didn’t have to pay out of pocket and they figured out how to get my insurance to pay it all. That was a bit weird, my advice is I’d double check before committing as insurance varies.

    In my 2nd appointment, there were no xrays and the actual dentist didn’t come to see me at all. It was just the hygienist for not even 30 mins, she stated if she saw any problems she’d have the doc come. Guess my teeth are fine, but that was unusual compared to my past dental experiences.

    Overall I didn’t end up having any actual issues and it’s very convenient as I live close by, and they don’t try to sell you too hard on getting extra work done, so I’m satisfied so far.

  34. Streamster
    16 Dec 2021

    I would never go back to this place. I have a full coverage insurance that covers cleaning like most insurance do. Yet this place charged me an additional $200 fee for my cleaning. I also had an implant of one tooth done and literally 2 weeks later the implant was loose and causing me a lot of pain. I immediately scheduled an emergency visit with another dentist and was told that the implant was not done right and had to be removed . I spent over $2600 for that implant. Preferred dental will drain your insurance until it’s max then charge you ridiculous fees on top of what the insurance pays them. They will tell you need all this work just to make money . This place is horrible and just a business with so called dentist that do not care about the quality of care they provide. Stay far away from this place. I learned the hard way and very costly way. The positive reviews are fake I learned later and done by their minority female staff who all sit around on their computers enticing people to come back and writing reviews

  35. Arlene Perez
    Arlene Perez
    16 Dec 2021

    I don’t think anyone looks forward to going to the dentist but Preferred Dental Care is the place you want to go! They have an amazing staff and make you feel like you are at home. The dentists pay attention to every detail and make sure you feel no pain. They make the experience as smooth as possible and its the place to be if you want anything fixed! I love them!

  36. Nancy Menna
    Nancy Menna
    16 Dec 2021

    I have been coming to Preferred Dental for a number of years. I first came to there when I had a dental emergency and they took me right away. Since then I have been coming for routine cleanings and more involved procedures. Dr. Trivedi is excellent. She and the entire staff are caring and make you feel at ease and very comfortable. As strange as it may seem, for me, going to the dentist is a very pleasant experience!

    16 Dec 2021

    Excellent! Top professionals! All youth at the front desk friendly and smart! No waiting time
    They get right to the prob of the tooth. Modern, gorgeous interior!
    Been coming here 10 years. My teet very important to me Dr. Kamdar best in the business top!

    16 Dec 2021

    Dr. Kamdar has been my dentist for decades, from his small practice on the east side to the large and thriving practice here in Chelsea. I know when I come here, everyone will make my visit as stress-less, pain-free and comfortable as possible and that I am in good hands with Dr. Kamdar and team keeping my teeth and gums in good health. Thanks everyone!

  39. Tiberiu Tesileanu
    Tiberiu Tesileanu
    16 Dec 2021

    Had a tooth extraction and bone graft done here. Everything was smooth, pain kept to a minimum. Wait time was a bit long for the first visit, but they did fit me into the schedule with just a couple of days notice, so that’s understandable. Stitches are out today and the whole thing took just 10 minutes from entering the door to being done.

  40. Erin Narvaez
    Erin Narvaez
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental is an exceptional office. They were willing to help provide a payment plan, a treatment plan and major transparency about everything that was happening with my teeth. I’m grateful to have found them because finding a dental practice in the city that is responsive and affordable is impossible. I had a few different procedures done here which required different dentists and each one I’ve had help me was awesome. I recommend them!

  41. Cassie Lane
    Cassie Lane
    16 Dec 2021

    Irene and Doctor H is the best in the whole wide world.

    I can’t imagine life without them!

    Happy and smiling

    Cassandra Simmons

  42. Patricia
    16 Dec 2021

    Love you guys. Friendly, polite, clean and careful. Had crown work done; Dr. H was terrific. (As was the dentist who did the cleaning of my teeth this past summer!)

    Thank you again, Patricia.

  43. Marisol Manica
    Marisol Manica
    16 Dec 2021

    My dentist were amazing I love them they were are all so gentle and I want them to get a raise. Because they were so friendly and nice and I got nothing bad to say thank you so much. Dr Leo I believe was her name and the dentist that does the deep cleaning!!!

  44. Elcida Bisono
    Elcida Bisono
    16 Dec 2021

    Had some dental work done here. It was an amazing experience the staff was great, the receptionist was very friendly and made sure to keep me posted with my appointment status. Dr Kamdar was by far the best and very knowledgeable on what I needed.I was able to correct my smile. The treatment coordinator explained the different payment options which allowed me to start my needed treatment. Thank you for being amazing!! Great job PreferredDental 👏

  45. Christopher Best
    Christopher Best
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care is the Best! It’s like going to Cheers, it’s where everybody knows your name. Always professional and if you like your dentist here, you can keep coming to see them. Always a good experience and they keep my pearly whites in my mouth. 😄

  46. Laura Prunty
    Laura Prunty
    16 Dec 2021

    Preferred Dental Care is awesome. Every person in the office is professional, attentive to each detail and will take the time to ensure you are comfortable and understand each step of your visit. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to switch Dentists

  47. Krystelle Hosein
    Krystelle Hosein
    16 Dec 2021

    Had a wonderful experience at the office. Staff is very friendly and professional. Had an emergency situation with my implants and Dr. Kamdar was able to accommodate me right away! He’s very patient and makes being in a dental chair less uncomfortable. Highly recommend!

  48. Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
    Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
    16 Dec 2021

    All the stuff are very sweet. I feel so good every time I come here to clean my teeth. They took extra care of making me feel comfortable, and Covid precautions are A+.

  49. Christine Avelares
    Christine Avelares
    16 Dec 2021

    I went in for a deep teeth cleaning and my doctor was amazing. I barely felt anything and that says a lot because I’m truly afraid of the dentist. This is the first dentist I’ve gone to where I’m not nervous to come back. Can’t wait to continue my teeth cleaning journey with them!!!

  50. Matylda Szydelko
    Matylda Szydelko
    16 Dec 2021

    Amazing staff beautiful space great experience over all. I hated the dentist before but this completely changed my mind.

  51. Sarah Lopez
    Sarah Lopez
    16 Dec 2021

    I had a fantastic experience with this office. It is highly aesthetic and the personnel are very friendly and helpful. I had to get an emergency extraction and the Dr. was so professional that the procedure was fast ,effortless and thorough. I didn’t even need to use pain killers. It has a spa feel to it which is a plus!

  52. Shinn Li
    Shinn Li
    16 Dec 2021

    As a patient at Preferred Dental for several years, the office is filled with professionals who are quite friendly and attentive. Dr. Lin is a wonderful person who provides excellent bedside manners and shows a great sense of care.

  53. Seth Mohammed
    Seth Mohammed
    16 Dec 2021

    Ariel was so wonderful and compassionate. she took her time with me. the entire staff works hard to assure the comfort of their patrons!

  54. Veronica Suri
    Veronica Suri
    16 Dec 2021

    Had to get a dental implant and the experience was great. Friendly staff and clean. The tooth looked amazing. I like how they are on top of you with reminders of appts. too. And waking times are reasonable.

  55. Samuel lopez
    Samuel lopez
    16 Dec 2021

    I went elsewhere for consultation and when I came here I felt very comfortable. they were able to set me up on a convenient payment plan. Sat with Jr and he helped me get a plan that was comfortable for me. Dr. Kamdar did an amazing job with my teeth, Irene is so caring and the staff is very friendly and attentive. I have recommended many of my church friends, family, and co-workers. recommend this location to everyone.

  56. R. Williams
    R. Williams
    16 Dec 2021

    This is the only place I trust with my smile. I’ve had over 4 botched root canals in the past from dentists that almost took my life and when I tell you the care, the love, the patience, the laughter the level of skill it took to get me back on my feet and back to the healthy person I am was all thanks to preferred Dental. I wouldn’t be here had it not been for these doctors. Thank you thank you!!! For being a beacon of light and giving me back my smile.

  57. Linndy sanchez
    Linndy sanchez
    16 Dec 2021

    I was always afraid of getting a root canal, due to all the stories you hear. Until, the day I got confirmation that I need a root canal, I was in total shock. But knowing what’s best for my health and I wanted to preserve my tooth. I made an appointment with Dr. Rybak.
    I had an amazing experience, no pain during and after the procedure. Yes, there is a lot of drilling and of course, you have to keep your mouth open, but Dr. Rybak when it was possible to allow me breaks to rest my jaw. I was explained that I might have lots of pressure after, but I didn’t at all. I anticipated the worst and it was the total opposite. Thank you Dr. Rybak for the best first-time root canal experience!

  58. Evelyn Evie Hamburger
    Evelyn Evie Hamburger
    16 Dec 2021

    The dentists here are very thorough and the insurance admin Parvati is wonderful with her assistance. My sons and I had root canals done here and we all healed so well. I moved away but my sons still come here!

  59. Melena Cider
    Melena Cider
    16 Dec 2021

    Thank you! I had urgent issue and no appointment. I’m visiting Manhattan just for one day. Dr. Charisse Leonidas helped me very fast and gentle. Very professional team and competent doctor! Friendly and professional!! They let me know the price before start working. They follow all promises! And they saved me. Thank you again for your professional attitude!

  60. Marcelle Bro
    Marcelle Bro
    16 Dec 2021

    The dentists were very nice with me and very careful with my teeth. They told me everything I needed to know about the cleaning and what I can do at home to clean my teeth. Very good experience.

  61. Sue Veilleux
    Sue Veilleux
    16 Dec 2021

    I decided to go here because they did a presentation at my company’s healthcare fair and because they are closer to my home. It was easy to get a Saturday appointment so as not to miss work. The first time I went was fine. The second time I went I had new people and they tried to tell me I had a cavity and needed work. I found that unusual because I have good teeth and have not had problems in years. I went back to my former dentist just to check. He did a thorough cleaning and checkup and told me my teeth were fine. It left me wondering if they were just trying to make more money. I will never go back. I’d be afraid they would do all this unnecessary dental work. I do NOT recommend this place.

  62. Jelissa Bisono
    Jelissa Bisono
    16 Dec 2021

    I have had many dental treatments at this location from Invisalign with Dr Schimmel, crowns with Dr Rajesh Kamadar Fillings and sleep appliance with Dr. H. The staff is very friendly and the dental assistant are very attentive. I recommend this office to all my friends and relatives. I recommend you to come if for all your needs. 😀 amazing work

  63. Rujuta K
    Rujuta K
    16 Dec 2021

    I have been coming here since last 5 years! I really like the doctors and the staff here. They are accommodating & the office space is very clean. I love that they have a discussion with you, to explain why & how a procedure is done. Not leaving you in the dark about your own health. Last year I had a few issues with my tooth & Dr. Paryani was really good about (a) explaining to me the treatments, (b) being patient during those treatments (if I needed to take breaks etc.), and (c) followed-up afterwards to make sure I was doing ok. The team of dentists here know what they are doing & also truly care about their patients.

  64. Karl Genser
    Karl Genser
    16 Dec 2021

    Fabulous place to get your teeth taken care of. Irina is the best. You relax when you are in her care and she lets you know about the health of your teeth and gums and the care at home for them. She cleans your teeth perfectly and makes you feel as good as new.

  65. Patricia gentile
    Patricia gentile
    16 Dec 2021

    I have been going to this dental practice for many years and have always had a good experience. Dr. Kamdar in particular has been wonderful, always professional, takes his time and explains everything. The office staff is also helpful and the wait time is minimal. I highly recommend

  66. Dionne Glen
    Dionne Glen
    16 Dec 2021

    I have been going here since I have been in HS. I love this place. They are timely, friendly and caring. They will work with you with all your dental needs. Dr Kamdar has been there forever and he is great.

  67. Ragazzo D
    Ragazzo D
    16 Dec 2021

    My dad visited the office a little more than a week ago. The doctor and staff were nice and friendly, but the waiting time was a bit long. They contacted us for a follow-up treatment, I called 3 times, each time they said someone will get back to me, but I heard no word from them

  68. Claudette Francis
    Claudette Francis
    16 Dec 2021

    Warm & comfortable settings, staff are loving & courteous to patients. My dentist Dr. H here was the first to inform & encourage me to go do a sleep Apnea … thanks to my dentist & all the staff that help me here. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I’m now using a c-pap machine to help me sleep at nights. Thank you preferred Dental, god bless you all.😃

  69. Ana M
    Ana M
    16 Dec 2021

    This is the most amazing dentist office! My dental hygienist, Irene, and Dr, Kamdar have been seeing me Since i was 3 years old. (I’m 31 right now with a 4 ‘month old) lol. Amazing practice!

  70. Jacob Price
    Jacob Price
    16 Dec 2021

    The ladies at the receptionist desk in the front was nasty & unprofessional & I heard one make a smart comment about my health. The wait was at a minimum & the Doctor was nice & efficient. So far so good until the doctor said my insurance was cheap & they couldn’t help me because my insurance don’t pay enough. Then they did not even send my prescription out to the pharmacy. So I had to wait 2 hours to get that fixed which made me late for work. Also the medication they prescribed me wasn’t affective at all.

  71. Luane Kohnke
    Luane Kohnke
    16 Dec 2021

    I’ve been going to Preferred Dental for years. The staff is very professional and I always feel welcomed. Recently I had a dental implant done by Dr Narain Paryani. He is a highly skilled and caring dentist. Dr Paryani carefully explained the lengthy implant process and the new imaging technology that they use to get the post in just the right place to avoid nerves. From extraction to crown was 8 months, but it was worth it. My new tooth looks 100 times better than the old tooth and is definitely stronger than the filling-laden tooth it replaced.

  72. SonJay
    16 Dec 2021

    Felt no pain and had a wonderful experience. Once you have a appointment they stay on time and get you out fast. Highly recommend.

  73. Shaun M.
    Shaun M.
    16 Dec 2021

    I have gone to this office a few times and really do not recommend you going. I thought maybe I would give them the benefit of the doubt and go 2 more times. They do a good job of cleaning but try to hustle you for money every time you go. If you don’t have a cavity they will tell you you need a “deep clean” which you insurance will not cover. If they can’t sell you that the they will tell you you need a Sonicare toothbrush that is $150. My wife goes and got the same experience. Also there is a long wait every time I go 1 to 2 hours plus. The people that work in reception and billing also will tell you how much they hate it and how bad they are treated as employees. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Please find a professional dentist!!!!! Save yourself!!!

  74. Rolanda Evelyn
    Rolanda Evelyn
    16 Dec 2021

    Great friendly staff! Super clean facility! Have been going here for 2 years and it’s been great, especially with covid precautions!

  75. shelly
    16 Dec 2021

    They’re quick to tell you that you have gingivitis and try to sell you an expensive electronic toothbrush. Also, every-time I go they push me and scare me into removing all my wisdom teeth (even though I’m not experiencing any discomfort) and try to push me into meeting with their financial consultant or whatever to set up tooth extractions when all i went for is a regular cleaning. (this happens every-time i go for a visit) I finally stopped going to them and went to a local dentist in my area who is HONEST he told me i DO NOT have gingivitis and that if my wisdom tooth aren’t bothering me to leave it alone. Remember- this is how they make money, so why would he lie and lose out on money?! Something to think about. Not to mention they constantly send emails and phone calls (can’t emphasize this enough – MORE than the USUAL) to remind you for your appointment. If they weren’t so pushy, i would give them more stars but they’re just too much.

  76. Stephanie You
    Stephanie You
    16 Dec 2021

    I’ve been coming to this dentist for years now. Great staff, almost no wait time and amazing dental experience (as good as it can get). High recommend!

  77. Romeal Moon
    Romeal Moon
    16 Dec 2021

    I’ve been going to Preferred Dental care for over 10 years. The doctors and the workers are very friendly. I would definitely recommend Preferred Dental Care to anyone who is seeking dental service.

  78. Larry Stavitski
    Larry Stavitski
    16 Dec 2021

    Very friendly and professional staff. They are very accommodating in terms of scheduling and were able to offer me flexibility in terms of appointment times. Office is clean and new doctors offer exceptional/detailed service.

  79. Scott Feiner
    Scott Feiner
    16 Dec 2021

    The staff is very nice and Dr Kamdar is patient and doesn’t try to push you into any unnecessary treatments. I also had a great cleaning. Happy to have them around the corner.

  80. Mrwa Elkholy
    Mrwa Elkholy
    16 Dec 2021

    They are friendly, personable and most importantly professional. Dr. Awad is a perfectionist and does not leave the job until it is done right! Even the assistants are meticulous about doing things to the best of their ability. One thing that also impressed me was that even though the other doctor wasnt working on me he introduced himself humbly and thanked me for coming. Its so hard to find a good dentist which is why im going out of my way to tell people they are the best!

  81. Jennifer Strugala
    Jennifer Strugala
    16 Dec 2021

    Wonderful Doctors and nurses! My implant surgery was easy thanks to the excellent care and attention they provide! Always A++++

  82. Shai Tamary
    Shai Tamary
    16 Dec 2021

    Always super friendly, attentive, and professional! Highly recommended.

  83. Socorro Ciprian
    Socorro Ciprian
    16 Dec 2021

    I must say that thanks to Esaul at preferred dental at 27th street, i can smile without having to cover my mouth. They have everything that you need at one location. They are very friendly and professionals. Esaul Jr. worked with me in finding out the best payment plan he can offer, at no point i felt un uncomfortable, i will always be greatful to Esaul, jr and preferred dental.

  84. Carolyn & Carlos Ferphy
    Carolyn & Carlos Ferphy
    16 Dec 2021

    Office is clean and relatively quick to get in and out of. Irene is exceptionally kind and makes us feel like home when my husband and I have our cleanings with her.

  85. Keisha B. B.
    Keisha B. B.
    16 Dec 2021

    I love this place. I just had my first visit and I’m so
    Happy that I came here. I was so nervous and they made me feel 100% comfortable. The care is amazing. The people friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place.

  86. Mariano Ospina
    Mariano Ospina
    16 Dec 2021

    Overall, I had a very good experience. I was seen quickly (5 minutes after completing my paperwork), their staff was polite and friendly, and the service from the dental cleaner and doctor was excellent (informative, not rushed, genuinely interested in my dental health).

  87. Susan R or Michelle L PLP Sales-Marketing Committee
    Susan R or Michelle L PLP Sales-Marketing Committee
    16 Dec 2021

    My kids go to Dr & Dr Schimmel (both father and son) and we have all occasionally had our teeth cleaned here as well. The staff are friendly, the location is super convenient, and the prices are more affordable than many other practices in NYC.

  88. Kerri Donoghue
    Kerri Donoghue
    16 Dec 2021

    Everyone was so kind and caring. Felt so comfortable and sense of calm with assistant Sheena and doctor was amazing.
    Totally recommend.

  89. Irene Schneider
    Irene Schneider
    16 Dec 2021

    Had a great experience, i recommend to everyone. Office is clean, staff is friendly and all my dental work has been excellent.

  90. Jamal Mobley
    Jamal Mobley
    16 Dec 2021

    Every interaction with this location has been extremely positive. Everyone in the office is so nice and pays close attention to detail. I highly recommend them to anyone.